World Class Track Record, World Class Experience

Over the past 11 years, Longhorn Casing Tools has consistently provided innovative solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry. We have built our reputation on creating patented equipment designed to get your casing where it needs to be, on time, every time. We focused on providing rotation where you need it, at the casing shoe, and have provided our clients substantial savings by reducing the need for expensive threads, rotatable equipment and wasted rig time, all while maintaining a 99.2% success rate at landing casing at TD.

We are constantly striving to improve. Over the last decade, we have diversified our products and services in response to our client’s feedback. We proudly supply equipment for landing Casing, Screens and Slotted Liners, and supply solutions for Wellbore Cleanout and Cementing Operations. With a focus on our clients needs, we are continually creating customized solutions for almost any application.

Longhorn Casing Tools is based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We have an international distribution network supplying our equipment and service worldwide. Please refer to our network map to find a service location near you.