Longhorn Casing Tools
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Known for our Track Record and Technical Expertise

Longhorn Casing Tools is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and we have sales offices across North America and
internationally. Refer to our locations map.

Longhorn Casing Tools have an exemplary track record with a 99.2% success rate landing casing at TD.

Over the past 10 years, Longhorn Casing Tools has consistently provided innovative solutions for casing, tubing and coil tubing. We have developed several patented tools for running casing that provide rotation at the end of the casing string without rotating the casing string. The rotation aids in fill and bridge issues, overcoming ledges, doglegs and washouts, and helps to ream the hole while running surface, intermediate, and production casing.

Longhorn Casing Tools come in a variety of sizes and they have an exemplary track record to match.