Over the last decade, we have diversified our products and services in response to our client’s feedback. We proudly offer equipment and solutions for landing Casing, Screens and Slotted Liners, Wellbore Cleanout and Cementation. With a focus on our clients needs, we are continually creating customized solutions for almost any application.

Cementing Equipment

Longhorn Casing Tools Canada / USA Representative for Slurry Solutions Inc.

Cementing Solutions for Today’s Oilpatch

Longhorn Casing Tools proudly represents Slurry Solutions Inc in Canada and the US as a distributing partner for their premium cementation solutions. Read more…

The Orbiter

Powered Centralizer for Complete Cementation

The Orbiter is a mechanically powered centralizer that physically moves cement around the casing string, creating a complete cement bond 3600around the casing string to eliminate gas and fluid migration between zones of interest.  Read more…

The Tele-Joint

Cementation Solutions
Telescoping Casing Joint for Reciprocating and Rotating

The Tele-Joint is a telescoping casing joint designed to allow reciprocation and rotation of the casing string above the tool, after packers or liner hangers have been set.  Read more…

Casing Landing Solutions

The Fill Drill

Casing Landing – Non-Drillable
Production Casing and Liner

The Fill Drill was designed to provide a mechanical solution to address obstacles that interfere with getting your production casing string to bottom.  Read more…

Auto-Set Spring Loaded 

Casing Landing – Mechanically Reset, Non-Drillable, Production Casing, Screens and Slotted Liner

The Auto-Set was developed for pressure sensitive applications and whenever using hydraulic pressure to open the tool is problematic. Read more…

The Stubby

Casing Landing – PDC Drillable
Surface, Intermediate and Production

The Stubby was designed as a PDC drillable version of the Fill Drill, and quickly became our best-selling casing landing tool. Read more…

Auto-Set External

Casing Landing – PDC Drillable, Spring Loaded
Surface, Intermediate, Production, Screens and Slotted Liner 

The Auto-Set External was developed to provide a PDC drillable solution in any application with hydraulic limitations, in any stage of the casing plan. Read more…


Casing Landing – Tri-Cone and PDC Drillable
Surface, Intermediate, Production 

The Twister was designed as a float shoe with a twist. It provides 3600of rotation with each reciprocation, for use with extreme ledges, doglegs and washouts in wells where AFE constraints require cost effective solutions. Read more…


One Piece Reaming Float Shoes
Casing Landing – Tri-Cone and PDC Drillable

When rotation of the casing string is designed to be part of the casing running procedures, the Smart Bit can be used in place of a standard casing shoe to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your casing run. Read more…

Well Servicing Equipment


Well Servicing – Cleanout Equipment
Service Rig and Coil Tubing

The Sandworm features a similar design to our casing landing tools, butis specifically designed to cleanout produced sands and paraffins that would otherwise hamper production.  Read more…


Well Servicing – Horizontal and Vertical Bailing
Service Rig

The Sandshark sets a new standard in conventional bailing by combining agitation and bailing in one tool. Additionally, the incorporated mandrel spring allows it to bail vertically and horizontally, reducing the need for coil tubing cleanouts. Read more…

Casing Hone

Well Servicing – Cleanout Equipment
Service Rig and Coil Tubing

The Casing Hone is designed to remove cement stringersduring cement confirmation runs, reducing the number of trips required for lower string completions.  Read more…