Auto-Set External –Spring Loaded, PDC Drillable

Casing Landing –Surface, Intermediate, Production

The Auto-Set External is a continuation of the Auto-Set line of spring loaded tools. A hybrid between the popular Stubby series and Auto-set series, the Auto-Set external is capable of handling any situation or application that can be encountered as part of your casing plan. By moving the spring to the tool OD, between the bit and the sleeve, it is isolated from contact with the drill bit, making the tool completely PDC drillable. The internal components are ruggedly constructed from industrial aluminum and bronze, and like the Stubby, the stroke length is reduced to minimize drill-out time and the amount of drillable material. Like the non-drillable version, the tool allows full circulation, although it is not required for tool function.

During drill-out, the integrated sleeve acts like a drilling guide, preventing the bit from deviating from the drill-out path, while keeping the tool integral once the internals have been removed. Our drillable bits and the aluminum mandrel contain a locking spline mechanism that prevents the mandrel from rotating during drill-out. It is the perfect tool to run in production applications where it may be necessary to increase the length of the production string in the future.

Applications: Surface, Intermediate and Production Casing, Screens, Slotted Liners, Multi-Stage Packers, SAGD, Lost Circulation Zones

Type: Spring Loaded, PDC Drillable

Sizes: 4.5”, 5”, 5.5”, 6 5/8”, 7”

Customized sizing available upon request