The Orbiter

Powered Centralizer for Complete Cementing

The Orbiter is a mechanically powered centralizer designed to place your cement where it needs to be. When cementing in directional wells, the casing is usually laying on the bottom of the wellbore due to gravity, causing the cement to take the path of least resistance; typically, that mean the cement moving across the top of the casing string. When the Orbiter is strategically placed in the casing string, simple reciprocation of the string causes the Orbiter to rotate, physically moving the cement 360° around the casing string, effectively creating a solid wall of cement. As a result, the cement fully encapsulates the casing string, mitigating gas migration and communication between zones.

In the field, the Orbiter sleeve is simply slid over standard casing and held firmly in place using set screws. The centralizer portion of the Orbiter rotates around the helical groove in the sleeve, creating 3 full revolutions per stroke, each way. In 100% of our runs to date, this has led to a perfect cement bond log in the intervals of interest, preventing wells from prematurely watering off, and preventing gas from migrating to surface to be vented to atmosphere.

In Casing-While-Drilling (CWD) applications, studies have shown that the Orbiter improves the strength of the casing string, adding additional benefit to the CWD plan. In conventional applications, the Orbiter can be utilized to help keep cuttings suspended in the drilling fluid, allowing it to be circulated to surface easily rather then falling off in the build section.

Applications: Surface, Intermediate & Production Casing

Type: Cementation Solutions

Sizes: 4.5”, 5”, 5.5”, 7”, 7 5/8”, 8 5/8”, 9 5/8”