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The Orbiter

Mechanical Positive Cement Placement Tool

The Orbitor is a positive cement placement tool that is adaptable to any casing string. The sleeve and assembly of the Orbitor are equipped to a standard piece of casing and secured through set screws, causing no changes to the properties of the casing. Once installed, the casing string is run in like normal. Reciprocating the casing string will cause the Orbitor to move along the helical groove on the sleeve, causing rotation. Once the string reaches its target depth and cementing operations are underway, reciprocation of the casing string will cause the Orbitor to rotate, mechanically spiraling the cement around the casing string ensuring good cement bonding 360 degrees around the casing string.

Applications: Surface, Intermediate & Production Casing

Type: PDC Drillable

Sizes: 4.5” 5.5” 7” 9 5/8”