Sandworm – Wellbore Clean-out Tool

Well Servicing – Coil Tubing, Service Rig

The Sandworm was designed to clean out produced sands and paraffins from already producing wellbores. Utilizing the same helical drive system as our renowned casing landing tools, The Sandworm’s mechanical driven design isn’t prone to stalling like the hydraulically driven tools on the market. The same tool can be run in conjunction with both coil tubing units and service rigs, and it can be outfitted with different sized bits to clean a variety of liners, making it extremely adaptable to any application. Best of all, with no bearings or seals, the tool can be used on multiple runs without requiring a major rebuild, limiting refitting costs. It is designed to be taken apart an inspected in the field with only hand tools, reducing the need for spare tools in remote locations.

When used in conjunction with service rigs, the tool is used to through simple reciprocation of the work string and reset to the open position using hydraulic pressure from the rig pumps, or fully mechanically by utilizing the optional mandrel spring.

When used in a coil tubing application, the tool is completely pressure driven, limiting the need for reciprocation, saving expensive metering charges and tubing wear. With coil, the tool is simply set against the obstruction, and the pressure from the coil tubing unit opens the tool, creating agitation at the bit in order to loosen the debris so that it can be circulated to surface.

In our runs to date, we have been able to reduce clean-out time by as much as 50%, making it the most cost-effective wellbore cleaning solution on the market.

Applications: Coil Tubing Cleanout, Service Rig Cleanout

Tool Sizes: 2 3/8”, 2 7/8”, 4.5”

For Casing Sizes: 2 3/8” to 9 5/8”