The Tele-Joint

Telescoping Casing Joint for Sectional String Manipulation

The Tele-Joint is a telescoping casing joint designed to be used in a mid-string application. Typically, once casing packers and liner hangers have been set, the casing string can no longer be worked in order to improve the cement bond. When the Tele-Joint is placed in the casing string above the packers, the string above the Tele-Joint can be reciprocated and rotated in order to effectively work the cement in that section.

Placed above the stage tool, the Tele-Joint allows the rig at surface to reciprocate the casing string the full length of its stroke, approximately 8 feet. When not in compression, the Tele-Joint also acts like a swivel, allowing for rotation of the casing string above the tool. In compression, the locking spline located inside of the tool is engaged, allowing you to rotate the whole string before the packers are set.

The Tele-Joint is outfitted with 2 sets of seal assemblies that make sure that frac pressure and formation pressure remains contained by the tool during standard operations and throughout the producing life of the well.

Applications: Mid-String – Surface, Intermediate & Production Casing

Type: Cementation Solutions

Sizes: 4.5”, 5”, 5.5”, 7”, 9 5/8”