Longhorn Drill-Shoes

One Piece Reaming Float Shoes

If you have the ability to rotate your casing or liner, Longhorn Casing Tool’s Drill-Shoes are the ideal, cost effective solution for you. All Drill-Shoes are machined from solid material and feature one piece construction. For surface and intermediate applications, the bits are made from industrial bronze or aluminium, and are set with tungsten carbide wear buttons on the reaming stabilizers along body. Bronze bits are tipped with tungsten carbide clusterite at the bit face, giving you the ability to drill through any obstruction encountered while running your casing or liner to the desired depth. Aluminum bits can be outfitted with pointed tungsten buttons on the bit face at the clients request, providing nominal abrasion should it be necessary. Non-Drillable bits are made from 4140 steel, and tipped with tungsten carbide clusterite for increased cutting power.

Drill-shoes come in a variety of profiles and sizes, and can be custom tailored to our clients specifications. Optionally, they can be outfitted with our premium aluminum float assembly that provides and exceptional seal, and makes drill-out hassle free. When your completion plans include equipment that is activated using ball drop systems, Longhorn Drill-Shoes are easily customized to allow a wide variety of ball OD’s to pass through the center port as required.

Applications: Surface, Intermediate and Production Shoes

Type: Casing Landing

Sizes: 4.5”, 5.5”, 7”, 9 5/8”