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Casing Landing – Surface, Intermediate, Production

The Twister was designed with a specific application in mind: Dealing with extreme ledges and dog legs in wells where AFE constraints require cost effective solutions. Fully PDC drillable, the Twister series casing landing tool utilizes a 1-foot stroke to provide ¾ of a revolution, enough to orient an eccentric bit to find the open hole. Not meant for applications that require extreme fill removal or reaming, the Twister can be equipped with a more aggressive eccentric bit should fill or reaming be necessary. By reducing the overall stroke length, we also effectively cut the drill-out time to 20-30 minutes. There is no better or more cost effective self-orientating PDC Drillable eccentric casing shoe on the market today.

• Horizontal or high degree well profiles
• Vertical wells with varying internal diameters due to geological conditions
• Side Tracking or Re-Entry wells with unknown window trajectories

Type: PDC Drillable

Sizes: 4.5″ | 5.5″ | 7″