The Twister –Reaming Float Shoe

Casing Landing – Surface, Intermediate, Production

The Twister was designed to be a reaming float shoe with a Twist; the ability to re-orient the eccentric bit face a full 360° per 1 foot stroke in order to more easily circumvent extreme dog legs, ledges and washouts in wells where AFE constraints require cost-effective solutions. It is equipped with a spring, allowing the shoe to be reset without the need for hydraulic pressure, and allowing the Twister to reorient itself through tight hole conditions. The Twister’s body is full drift, making it fully drillable with either a PDC or Tri-Cone, and the design removes the majority of the drillable material found in our other casing landing tools. As a result, total drill-out time is reduced to 10-15 minutes. The Twister can also be optionally outfitted with one of our premium aluminum single or double float assemblies in the top sub.

Not meant for applications where large amounts of fill or reaming are required, the Twister can be equipped with a more aggressive eccentric reaming bit, should the client expect to encounter bridges or swelling formations. There is not a more versatile, effective or efficient reaming float shoe on the market today.

Applications: Extreme Doglegs, washouts and ledges, swelling formations, minor bridges and side tracking

Type: PDC and Tri-Cone Drillable

Sizes: 4.5″ | 5.5″ | 7″