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Casing Hone

Cleanout Tool – Service Rig, Coil Tubing

The Casing Hone is designed for cleaning out the casing ID after cementing operations have been completed. Traditionally, a confirmation run is preformed to remove cement stringers prior to running the frac assembly. The Hone was designed to be run in front of the frac assembly to clear a path in front of the BHA, thereby eliminating the cleanout trip.

Utilizing the same mechanism of the Sandworm tool, the hone was optimized to minimize the tool length and weight supported by the frac assembly. The tapered bit is designed to open the hole gradually, and the assembly is spring loaded so that it begins to rotate the bit as soon as resistance from an obstruction is encountered.

Applications: Coil Tubing Cleanout, Service Rig Cleanout

Sizes: 2 3/8″ – 9 5/8″