The Auto-Set – Spring Loaded, Non-Drillable

Casing Landing – Production Casing, Screens and Slotted Liner

The Auto-Set was developed to assist running casing and liners in applications where it is not possible to induce hydraulic pressure to the bit, or where circulating through the casing is impossible. By incorporating a high tensile spring, the tool is rest to the open position by simply lifting the string, rather than through hydraulic pressure.

The Auto-Set has been used in SAGD, polymer flood, screens, slotted liner and lost circulation applications to excellent results, and can be used in any application that does not require the tool to be drilled out. The Auto-Set is also perfect for Single and Multi-Stage packer completions. Additionally, the tool can be customized to be fully sealed to prevent the migration of sand, cuttings and paraffins through the tool during the casing run or once the well is open for production.

Applications: Production Casing, Screens, Slotted Liners, Multi-Stage Packers, SAGD, Lost Circulation Zones

Type: Spring Loaded, Non-Drillable

Sizes: 4.5” 5.5” 7”