The Sandshark

Vertical and Horizontal Bailing Tool

The Sand Shark Bailer was designed to set a new standard in conventional bailing operations. The Sand Shark utilizes Longhorn’s patented design for creating rotation through reciprocation at the leading end of the tool. By incorporating this reaming action into the bailing function, the tool is capable of increasing the suspension of solids that they might be bailed more efficiently. Additionally, its outfitted with a high tensile chrome silicon spring over the mandrel, making the bailing function and tool reset completely mechanical, which allows the Sand Shark to bailing both horizontally and vertically. This modification allows the Sand Shark to operate where conventional bailers have never been able to before, and allows our clients to opt formore cost-effective work-over solutions rather then relying only on coil tubing.

Applications: Bailing of Sand and Debris in Vertical and Horizontal Wells

Type: Well Servicing – Bailing

Tool Size:3 3/4"

Bit Size: Interchangeable