The Negotiator bit was designed with a rounded bullnose profile to deflect off of ledges, washouts and doglegs. Featuring an all steel construction, the bit is equipped with 4 stabilizers tipped with tungsten carbide to facilitate reaming, cutting and agitation. The first trial run was conducted for Encana August 17th, 2010. Since then, Longhorn has conducted approximately 190 tool runs and achieved an impressive 98% success rate landing casing at the desired depth.


Aluminum Negotiator

The Drillable Variant of the Negotiator, the Aluminum Negotiator has the same general profile of its steel counterpart.


Bronze Bridge Breaker

Designed to handle coal seams and swelling shales, the outer row of cutters is designed to cut the exposed shales and coal into large pieces, which are then further broken down by a row of inside cutters for easy removal by circulation. The Bridge Breaker was upgraded to all bronze construction which makes it completely drillable, and is outfitted with tungsten carbide buttons to resist wear, and tungsten carbide clusterite to increase its cutting and agitation power.


Casing Pilot

The Casing Pilot is a PDC drillable bit made completely out of bronze, with tungsten carbide cutting faces and tungsten buttons on the OD, helping to reduce wear through friction. The Casing Pilot was designed to be the best all-around bit, suitable for reaming and bridge removal regardless of geology. The profile of the Casing Pilot maintains a long taper, allowing for deflection off of ledges, washouts, and doglegs.


Slider Eccentric

The Slider Eccentric bit is a cost effective solution for situations involving extreme washouts, ledging and doglegs. Through rotation provided by the casing landing tools, the long eccentric nose of the bit is aligned towards the open hole, acting as a guide to deflect off of the obstructions and continue past quickly. It features a smooth profile that excels at sliding, but is not designed for fill agitation. The Slider is made of aluminum composite, and is completely PDC drillable.


Rhino Eccentric

The Rhino Eccentric bit is a heavy duty bronze drillable eccentric bit featuring a similar profile to the Slider bit, however is equipped with stabilizers and a cutting face to assist with bridges and reaming as well. The long, eccentric profile seeks out open hole through rotation provided by the casing landing tools. Despite the eccentric shape, it provides 3600 reaming capability along the OD, and is equipped with tungsten carbide cutting faces and tungsten carbide buttons along the OD to resist wear.