Smart Bit

Replace Standard Float Shoe

smartbitIn instances where the client elects to rotate their casing string as a part of their standard operating procedures (such as vertical wells, or when premium casing threads and torque rings are necessary), the Smart Bit can be used in place of a standard casing shoe. Available in any of the Longhorn casing bit profiles, Smart Bit allows the customer to select the profile that suits the expected downhole conditions.

smartbit2Completely drillable, the Smart Bit is designed to incorporate an internal float assembly in the ID of the bit for cementing operations. The float assembly is made of industrial aluminum alloy, and the plunger is thermal polymer coated to resist abrasion and heat issues, while providing an exceptional seal and sturdy construction. Compared to many reaming casing shoes on the market, Smart Bit is economical, durable, and specialized to insure the best chance at successfully landing the casing string at TD.

Applications: Replace Standard Float Shoe
Bit OD Range: Customizable to Customer Requirements
Available in: Drillable & Non-Drillable