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Cleanout Tool – Service Rig, Coil Tubing

The Sandworm cleanout tool features a similar design to the casing tools, but is specifically designed to cleanout produced sands and parrifins from producing wells. Available in a variety of sizes, the sandworm can be equipped to clean tubing and casing from 2 3/8” to 9 5/8” ID. When used on a service rig, reciprocation of the tubing along with pump pressure actuates the tool, providing a mechanical solution to cleanout production hampering debris. When used with Coil Tubing, the tool uses the increased hydraulic pressure to auger its way through the obstruction, and the coil is run in to close and reset the tool; this technique is used to minimize reciprocation, saving expensive meterage charges and wear on the coil tubing.

Applications: Coil Tubing Cleanout, Service Rig Cleanout
Bit OD Range: 2 3/8″ – 9 5/8″