The Stubby PDC Drillable

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Casing Landing – Surface, Intermediate, Production

After the success and early adoption of the Fill Drill Casing Tool, a demand arose for a PDC drillable version for surface and intermediate casing strings. Shortly after, the “Stubby” was born, named for the shortened stroke length in order to reduce drill-out time. The Stubby internals are made from industrial grade aluminum alloy and bronze components, both of which lend to the strength and durability of the tool in tough downhole conditions, and facilitate smooth clean drill-outs without causing damage to the PDC drill out bit. The 7” Stubby quickly became our strongest seller, and has over 220 runs to date, and growing daily. The stubby boasts a 98% success rate of getting casing to TD, and has been pitted against Sand, swelling shales, coal seams, ledges and washouts all over the world.

Applications: Surface, Intermediate & Production Casing
Type: PDC Drillable
Available in: 4.5″ | 5.5″ | 7″ | 9 5/8″