The Fill Drill

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Casing Landing – Production

The Fill Drill was designed to provide a mechanical solution to address obstacles that interfere with getting your production casing string to bottom. Featuring an all steel design, the tool is designed to provide maximum revolutions to facilitate reaming, agitating of fill and debris, as well as deflection off of ledges, obstructions and washouts. By using a simple, well-engineered design, and top quality manufacturing, the Fill Drill provides an effective and reliable solution without sacrificing quality or strength; it is designed to be the strongest part of any casing string, and that equates to peace of mind for our customers. Cost effective, the Fill Drill is currently a staple for many Oil and Gas majors in Canada.

Applications: Surface, Intermediate & Production Casing
Type: Non-Drillable
Available in: 4.5″ | 5.5″ | 7″ | 9 5/8″